About Proposition A

Proposition A will provide clean, safe and affordable energy for San Franciscans.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) powers San Francisco’s schools, hospitals, fire stations and libraries with clean solar and greenhouse gas free hydroelectric power from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. This clean power reduces San Francisco’s annual carbon emissions by 387 million pounds and saves city taxpayers $40 million a year.

Voting Yes on Proposition A will allow the SFPUC to issue revenue bonds to develop clean power facilities with the approval of two-thirds of the Board of Supervisors. Prop A will help the city upgrade aging infrastructure and add new safe, clean, and earthquake safe facilities so San Francisco can continue to deliver clean, reliable power to police, fire, hospital and other public facilities after an earthquake or other disaster.

Prop A will ensure San Francisco can deliver clean power to the thousands of new units of housing the city plans to develop over the next decade. A reliable source of clean power will reduce the city’s dependence on fossil fuels that contribute to global warming and ensure we’re never forced to reopen oil or gas fired power plants in San Francisco.

This measure gives the SFPUC the same ability to finance clean power facilities that it’s successfully used to finance reconstruction of the city’s aging water and sewer system. The SFPUC maintains an excellent credit rating while safely delivering clean water to 2.6 million people around the Bay.

All projects would require an independent engineering certification and approval by the Public Utilities Commission, the Mayor, and a supermajority of the Board of Supervisors.

Donald Trump and climate change-deniers in Congress are taking America backwards in the fight against global warming. San Francisco can move forward. Proposition A is a big first step.