Bringing clean Hetch Hetchy power back home

The Public Utilities commission (PUC) currently uses clean energy from Hetch Hetchy and solar to power our schools, hospitals, fire stations, libraries and the airport. On June 5th, San Francisco voters have the chance to expand these clean-energy efforts to other parts of the city, helping San Francisco reach its historic goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Safe and reliable energy that helps prepare for earthquakes and disaster

Voting YES for Clean, Safe and Affordable Energy will allow the PUC to issue revenue bonds for clean power facilities with the approval of two-thirds of the Board of Supervisors. This will let the city upgrade aging power infrastructure to ensure it is safe, clean and reliable, making San Francisco better prepared to respond to and provide power even after an earthquake or other disater.

Cleaner and healthier energy

Around the country and the world, cities are facing major public health crises due to massive air pollution. This measure will enable San Francisco to use more clean Hetch Hetchy hydroelectric energy rather than dirty fossil fuel sources that increase the risk of asthma and respiratory disease, pollute the air, ruin our natural environment, and harm our communities.

Proven record of fiscal responsibility

This measure gives the PUC the same ability to finance clean power facilities that it already has for water, where it has a proven record of fiscal responsibility. The PUC maintains an excellent credit rating while safely delivering clean water to 2.6 million people around the Bay and successfully updating the city’s systems so they’re retrofitted for earthquakes and fit for the 21st century. Let’s do the same for clean energy!


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